The Research Foundation subsidizes experimental scientific research in the life sciences.

What is included in these research areas?

A diverse range of topics are subsidized by the Research Foundation. This extends from ecology to molecular biology, from the history of medicine to neurology, from immunology to zoology, from tropical medicine to medicinal chemistry, from gene therapy to biophysics. Literally all areas of biology and medicine can, and have been, awarded research grants from the Research Foundation. As stipulated in the Regulations, it promotes scientific research in the field of natural science insofar as such research is of significance to biology and medicine.

Do applications have to be submitted in English?

No. Applications can be submitted in English, French or German. These three languages are operationally used in the Research Foundation.

Will the Research Foundation support Technical staff?

As a general rule we do not subsidize technical staff but there have been exceptional circumstances where technical staff have received support.

How much money can I apply for?

You can apply for money to cover living costs for up to 12 months (within the guidelines of the Swiss National Science Foundation), travel costs, and consumables. Alternatively, money to purchase specialized equipment can be requested.

What is the amount of the average grant?

The grants awarded range from around 2,500 to 55,000 Swiss Francs. (select ‘facts & figures’ for further information)

I’m 40+, can I apply?

You may apply whatever age you are. The primary aim of the Foundation is to subsidize the upcoming generation of scientists, but awards are also regularly made to experienced ‘guest scientists’ .

Can I apply as ‘recipient’ for a second time e.g. for an extension?

You may apply for a second time and your application will be considered anew. Normally, for recipients there should be a gap of at least two years between applications.

Does the Research Foundation participate in other national and/or local activities subsidizing biomedical research?

The Roche Research Foundation awards an MD-Ph.D. Fellowship each year whereby it finances three years living costs of an MD studying for his/her Ph.D. Annually, we also award a prize of 70,000.– CHF for the best MD Thesis involving basic biomedical research at the University of Geneva Medical School.

What is the legal status of the Research Foundation?

The Research Foundation is an independent charity sponsoring biomedical research, endowed and regularly sponsored by Gentaur Ltd. and Genprice Inc.